Think of this section as what you get on a DVD when you click “Extras”.  On a DVD you hope to see things such as Bloopers, The Making Of…, Interviews with the main characters, actors, costume designers…It’s always exciting to sneak onto the set and see the hidden wires.  But if you are the kind of reader – and movie-goer—who likes the magic to be sustained, then  don’t read on.

Whatever you do.

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Q: How did you feel being cast in the book HOLD THAT THOUGHT, MILTON?

A: I loved every minute of being in the book. Linda is such a professional and her editor, Emily, was a dream to work with. I mean, Emily’s British accent is to die for! In fact, I worked hard on Milton's British accent -- hopefully I got it right. I also felt very close to Milton as a character. I always have things I want to say – and now, since I’m such a big star, everyone has to listen!


Q:  And how was it working with Burp?

A: Burp is also a true professional – and quite a trickster. He shows up in the funniest places that half the time I didn’t know where he was. I lost him on the page all the time. But please note, no animals were harmed in the writing of this book.


Q: Did it hurt when you turned green?

A: Well, at first we were going to use make-up to make my skin green but then, a strange thing happened --  the more I actually looked for Burp, the more worried I got and then, well, it just happened. I turned green.


Q: I think that’s called method acting.

A: If so, then I’m very, very good at it.






Q: Were you excited to be cast as Ernestine in THE BUSY LIFE OF ERNESTINE BUCKMEISTER?

A: Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret (but please don’t tell anyone). I wasn’t Linda’s first choice. Linda at first wanted Clementine so the book was called 'The Busy Life of Clementine Buckmeister'.  But then Clementine got cast in a series by another author so she wasn’t available. When Linda asked me to be in her book I grabbed the chance!


Q: Weren’t you too busy?

A: Yes!  My schedule was jam packed.

On Monday I took water ballet with Mrs. Goldfisher

On Tuesday I did African Drumming with Mr Uga Chaka

On Wednesdays I took acting with …



Q: I get the picture. What was your favourite part about being in the book?

 A: I loved it all! Doing water ballet with the tuba was a hoot. Karate flipping Little Old Lady Hoo was also a blast (although I'm not too sure how much she enjoyed it but I can promise you that no one got hurt). And working with Nanny O'Dear, Mom and Dad Buckmeister  was a delight. It was all so much fun! That I want to do it again!

Q: Who knows….maybe there will be a sequel!  The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister II.





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