Written by: Linda Ravin Lodding
Illustrated by: Ross Collins
Published by: Gullane Children's Books, London

Hard cover, 32-pages, picture book



It’s not easy being Milton. He has a lot to say, but no one has time to listen. And with the upcoming wedding of Aunt Lulu and Uncle-to-be Dermot, his family has even less time for Milton. But this time Milton has a problem  -- a big, green, slimy problem – that threatens to ruin Aunt Lulu’s wedding. He can’t find his beloved frog, Burp. 

 As his thoughts turn to worries, Milton starts to turn, well, a bit froggy himself. “Besides a lovely set of green lobes, an unusually sticky tongue and a few harmless warts, I can’t find anything wrong,” says Doctor Czechup. “He’ll soon be back to normal.” But Milton is not normal.

Not at all.

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Here's what people are saying about HOLD THAT THOUGHT, MILTON: 

Exceedingly funny and highly inventive…

 -- Linda's wonderful editor (who also happens to have an eye for real talent).


At last, a book both you and your kids will love. The first time I read Hold That Thought, Milton to my son we both laughed out loud and upon finishing it he said "READ IT AGAIN!"  The writing is fresh and original and the drawings (will be) just beautiful and wacky.  Run don't walk. Get this book on your shelf as soon as it’s available.

 -- A friend 


This truly unique book makes a valuable addition to any collection of high-quality children's books. There is something about a boy with who turns froggy that will have kids asking for “Hold That Thought, Milton” again and again. (See quote above as proof of statement).

 -- Another friend 


This book (and The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister) are my all-time favourite books. They are read-again-and-again funny. Kids just won’t be able to get enough of Milton. In fact, I think that we all have a little bit of Milton in us, we all want to be heard (ahem) and that is one of the things that makes Milton so appealing. Plus, green boys rock."

-- Maja Lodding (age 12), who has read many picture books so she knows what she’s talking about. 


This  book is for all children (or any adults who were once children) or for anyone who has ever lost a frog, or not been listened to, or never been to a wedding and wondered what really goes on: Read this book! By the way, Mom, have you seen…

  -- Michael (age 9), Linda’s nephew.


Hold That Thought, Michael.

         -- Michael’s Mom, Gail who also happens to be Linda’s sister


Hold That Thought, Milton" is full of frog-hoppin' fun! Milton loses his beloved frog Burp, but when no one listens to his plea for help, Milton takes matters into his own hands…which are turning slightly green and froggy. Hilarity ensues as Milton desperately races to find Burp before Aunt Lulu’s big wedding day.  The page explodes with richly-hued illustrations all of which add to the fun of this rainforest love story.

 -- Linda made this one up herself


It’s a ribbeting tale!

 -- Not sure who said this, but it must be said.


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