School Visits

I love sharing books and the writing process with children and adults. I’m available for school and library presentations, book store events and signings. My programs are fun, interactive and power-point based and can be tailored to meet your particular needs. For more information, please contact me:

 “Thank you so  much for the amazing author’s visit. It’s rare to have an author who can both connect with children and provide support for the curriculum that teacher’s can use immediately. We can’t wait to see you again. You are the bees’ knees!” - Melissa Cavender, Elementary School Librarian, American School of The Hague (NL)


Linda’s Presentations:


Where do ideas come from and how do they grow into stories? In this interactive presentation, Linda will introduce students to basic storytelling elements including ideas, character, and setting. Students will then work in small groups and pick an illustration from the “story backpack” (similar to the one Ernestine wears) and create their own story to share.

This program includes a reading from THE BUSY LIFE OF ERNESTINE BUCKMEISTER and Q&A.



How does an author go from idea to story? How does a book go from a draft to bookshelf? I’ll give students the real inside scoop on how books are made – starting with writing (including elements of plot, character creation, word choice and the all-important the revision process) and continuing through editorial revision, "partnering" with an illustrator and getting the book out there.  I will show students how illustrators use visual storytelling to add their own unique style to the narrative.

This program includes a peek at my upcoming books, illustrations that didn’t make it into the books (“bloopers” and “deleted scenes”) and time for Q&A.



Picture book authors are not only for the youngest students. Middle Schoolers can also share in the fun! Let me introduce your students to visual storytelling techniques that cross-over into film and digital media; let’s work on second drafts – taking your students’ writing from humdrum to humming; let’s create characters that live off the page.


Parents, Teachers and Staff:  “LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST – ERNESTINE!”: 12 Surprising (and Scientific!) Facts About the Benefits of Play

Parents, academicians and health care professionals are recognizing the importance of play in a young child’s emotional and intellectual growth. The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister touches upon the theme of the importance of play --  a hot topic that’s got the mainstream media buzzing. What are the potential consequences of a life lived in the fast lane rather than the bike lane? (I live in Holland after all :)

In this presentation, Linda (the original Mrs. Buckmeister) will take parents, teachers and staff through “Scientific (& Surprising) Facts About the Benefits of Play” that will get us reaching for our hula hoops and Lincoln Logs.

This presentation is best followed by time for discussion supported by a school counselor or staff member.



 “Thank you so much for visiting our 8th grade e-Stories class and talking about the experience of publishing books. It’s exciting to hear about the process from someone who has “real world” experience in this field.” - Carol Neeland, Teacher, Grade 8 e-Stories class

“…My life is also busy like Ernestine but she is probably more busy!” - Zoe, Grade 4

  “Thank you for telling us about how you got the idea for your book. I loved it when you told us about the Australian dog driving the truck because that’s my favorite dog and it inspired me. I am now writing my own book about it” -- Allison, Grade 4


Student Group Size –  My preference is to work  (and play!) with a small group of children in a cozy setting such as a library or classroom. I do understand that this isn’t always possible, so I can be a bit flexible.

  “It was so nice of you to come and visit. It was funny when you showed us a picture of Suzanne Beaky in her pajamas with her cats – just like the cats in your book!” -- Niklas


Geographic Regions

I’m based in Sweden, near Stockholm and Uppsala, and am either a drive, train ride or plane hop from your school in Europe.  My presentations are in English and are best suited for International, American or Bi-Lingual Schools.

I also frequently travel to the US and am available for school visits in and around my home base in New Jersey. Other locations are also possible so I’m happy to discuss this.

“…I liked it when you taught us how to be professional authors! I want to be an author when I grow up! I thought it was funny when you showed us pictures of your illustrator’s cat! That was hilarious!” -- Sofie  

“You inspired me to try writing a book of my own. And I did!” - Aman, Elementary School student



Schools within a two hour travel time:

*Full day visit – 380 Euro/ $500/ 3,400 SEK – generally 4 – 5  presentations

Half day visit -  225 Euro/ $300/ 2,000 SEK – generally  2 – 3 presentations

Individual presentations - 115 Euro/ $150/ 1,000 SEK

Schools located beyond a 1.5 hour travel distance, may be subject to travel and accommodation reimbursement. Please contact me for additional information. Please ask about multiple-school discounts within the same geographic area.

 *I like to make my visit memorable for you and your students. I’d be happy to join a group of book-loving students for lunch or a brief story time with a kindergarten class or interview with the school paper --  anything additional that will make my visit meaningful for your students.


Book Sales & Signings

Meeting with students and personalizing their book is one of my greatest pleasures. If time does not allow for a book signing, students can pre-order their books using the form on this page and I will sign their books before I leave.

Please note that, depending on the book quantities required, I can either arrange to bring books or books can be ordered in advance of my visit from online booksellers, local bookstores, or through the book’s distributor. In all cases, please leave enough time for books to be ordered and let me know if you need assistance.


Skype PresentationsSkype chats are a great way for me to meet with students – they’re economical, environmentally-friendly and best of all (for me!) I can wear my bunny slippers. Please contact me if you’d like to arrange a Skype chat with your students.

20 - minute session: “Meet the Author” Q&A Session --  Free! ( while supplies (uh, time) lasts!)

40 - minute session:  Welcome to my writing world in The Netherlands! We will talk about where writers get their ideas, what makes a book a great book and have time for Q&A  – 65 Euro/ $85/ 550 SEK

New to Skype visits? Find out how here:

Met Any Good Authors Lately? (School Library Journal)



Additional School Visit Resources

Book order form 

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